Miliband: Give me decade to fix UK
Labour leader Ed Miliband will set out a 10-year plan to make Britain a "world class country" in his final conference speech before the general election.

Salmond to make voting age call
Alex Salmond is to address Holyrood for the first time since Scotland rejected independence and is expected to call for the voting age to be lowered.

Hague urges 'English votes' action
William Hague says the case for English devolution "cannot be avoided" any longer and suggested it could become a major issue at next year's election.

Balls outlines 'first Budget' agenda
Ed Balls says he will increase the minimum wage, bring in a mansion tax, freeze child benefit and axe the "bedroom tax" in his first Budget if Labour wins power.

Labour vow to boost NHS spending
Labour would boost NHS spending via a so-called "mansion tax" on the most expensive homes, the BBC understands.

Blair: Don't rule out ground troops
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair says the West should not rule out sending ground troops to the Middle East to fight Islamic State militants.

No 10 stands by Scots powers pledge
Downing Street insists it will not backtrack on its devolution pledge to Scotland despite Tory calls for swift action on more powers for English MPs.

Shadow ministers facing cull
Labour leader Ed Miliband will have to sack one in five of his frontbenchers if he wins next year's general election with an overall majority.

Clegg 'spits contempt for Labour'
Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg hates the Labour too much to form a coalition with it, says the party's Angela Eagle.

Labour 'must debate devolution now'
Ex-Labour cabinet minister Ben Bradshaw urges his party to set up a constitutional convention now to discuss English devolution.

Labour makes £8 minimum wage pledge
The minimum wage would rise to £8 per hour by the end of the next parliament if Labour wins the general election, leader Ed Miliband promises.

Scottish ministers 'back Sturgeon'
Almost every member of the Scottish cabinet has publicly backed Alex Salmond's deputy, Nicola Sturgeon, to replace him as SNP leader and first minister.

Labour candidates 'back tax rises'
Labour general election candidates support tax rises to reduce the deficit and are in favour of scrapping Trident, new research for the BBC suggests.

Brown vows to 'lock in' Scots powers
Gordon Brown says his promise of further powers for Scotland will be delivered to the timetable set out ahead of the independence referendum.

Labour attacks England-only MP votes
Labour warns that creating England-only Commons votes will mean "two classes of MP", as parties deal with Scotland's rejection of independence.

Salmond: 'No' voters were 'tricked'
Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond says "No" voters in last week's referendum were "tricked" by a late vow of more devolved powers.

In full: Labour conference agenda
Timings for the main speakers and debates at the 2014 Labour conference in Manchester.

Labour Party to examine NI economy
Labour is to set up a commission on Northern Ireland's economy and will investigate how to assist those on benefits or low pay.

A tour of the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont.

Miliband: Scots made 'right choice'
The Labour party will show Scots they made the "right choice" rejecting independence, Ed Miliband is expected to tell his party's conference.

BBC Democracy Live takes you on a tour of the Scottish Parliament.

Devo talks: Wales central says Crabb
Wales has a central role in the debate over devolution and the UK union, insists the Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb.

A guide to the National Assembly for Wales.

Scots answers and English questions
Cameron says "devo-max" for Scotland must be balanced by "empowering the great cities'. What price now for Devo England?

Midlands cities want more powers
After the historic referendum vote in Scotland, English cities press for more devolution.

Political editors across England
Political analysis from around England

VIDEO: House of Commons
Tory MP John Baron asks an urgent question on the government's response to Islamic State.

Q&A: Beginner's guide to PM's speech
David Cameron delivers his long-awaited speech on the UK's relations with the EU. Here's an at-a-glance guide.

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Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet
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VIDEO: Why did Prescott let out a 'noooooooooo'?
John Prescott is teased about letting out a long "nooooooooo" sound about a survey of Labour Parliamentary hopefuls.

VIDEO: Ed Balls challenge injures reporter
Ed Balls left an opponent with a bloodied eye in the annual party conference football match between Labour and political journalists.

VIDEO: Gauging the mood at Labour conference
An opening event for the Labour conference is the New Statesman reception where Andrew Neil meets MPs and delegates.

VIDEO: Ban Scottish MPs from English votes?
A box and plastic balls is used to get reaction from Labour delegates on the role of Scottish MPs on English issues.

VIDEO: 'Labour will balance books in fairer way'
The shadow chancellor says Labour will "balance the books in a fairer way" as he set out plans for reduce the deficit.

VIDEO: 'No extra borrowing in our manifesto'
Rachel Reeves says Labour will make no spending commitments on its 2015 general election plans that are not paid for

VIDEO: Andrew Marr's Gordon Brown impression
Andrew Marr amused Labour's Ed Miliband when he did an impression of Gordon Brown, as part of a question about whether he might return to front line politics.

VIDEO: Blair: 'Boots on ground' to defeat IS
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has told the BBC that IS militants will not be defeated until they are fought on the ground.

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The 900 year story behind the creation of a UK parliament

Discovering limits of surveillance
How far will the debate on online privacy go?

Osborne not devil, says Umunna
Labour's Chuka Umunna warns against demonising opponents

West Lothian question continues to puzzle
Does more power to Scotland mean the same for England?

Labour views: English devolution
What do conference-goers think about English devolution?

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Can England-only votes happen at Westminster?

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The life and times of Scotland's independence leader

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